Exemptions For Learner Drivers

There are two exemptions for learner drivers. Please see below to see if you might be eligible.

Logbook Exemption Form.

If you are having trouble accruing 100hrs of driving experience you may be eligible for a logbook exemption.

Use the form below to determine eligibility. A fee of $46.55 applies to submit this application. 

Please Note: If you are approved for a logbook exemption, you will be required to hold your learner licence for 2 years (instead of 12 months) before being able to book a driving test.

Download Logbook Exemption Form or Apply Online

You can apply online for a logbook exemption or download the printable PDF form

Tenure Exemption Form.

Tenure means "time". If approved, this form allows you to sit your practical driving test earlier than you would normally be allowed.

Use the form below to determine eligibility. There is no fee to submit this application.

Download Tenure Rule Exemption Form

You can download the printable PDF form here.

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